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We are a family-owned and operated production company based in Gaspereau, Nova Scotia. We create content for a wide variety of subscribers, listeners and readers across many categories & styles of content consumption. The primary goal of frost tech productions is to create and assist with creating what we describe as culture.

We create a wide variety of content for your consumption and enjoyment While attempting to create content that caters to as many different demographics as possible. After all, one should never put their eggs in one basket, and it’s better to create content that applies to a broad audience instead of something that only would fit a niche market.

Part of our strive to create culture is generating content for different demographics. We do this by creating, for example, content for children that’s designed for both fun and educational purposes. We also create content to look at popular culture, what’s going on in the entertainment industry, and talk about new TV shows in upcoming movies. You can look forward to a wide variety of content, including the ever-so-popular live streaming markets and gameplay.

Not everything is going to be fun and games. We are well aware that sometimes more serious content is needed, which is why we’ve created separate digital properties to keep everything segregated, so there’s no risk of overlap or inappropriate content being shared in the wrong place. We will be providing news and commentary information and open discussions on sensitive topics to foster a better environment for intellectual diversity in communications.

Main logo/banner for the former Eaton Media Group (EMG)

So, where did we come from? FrostTek Productions was born out of the ashes of the Eaton Media Group, a sole proprietorship based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It was the brainchild of its founder, Joshua Eaton. EMG got off to a good start with regular daily updates to the website and daily uploads from the Great Canadian Yeti, along with the development of several significant publications scheduled to start production in 2020. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, all of those major projects had to be set aside. The Mr. Reality Check podcast was launched, and approval from major publishing networks like Kobo books, kindle and Google Play Books made it possible To tap into a brand new market.

Unfortunately, the pandemic took its toll, and as 2020 progressed, Mr. Eaton began suffering a series of medical issues. Those issues resulted in a nearly fatal event in December of 2020. during his recovery in 2021, Mr. Eaton realized that the world had become a very different place. He saw the damage that had happened to the fabric of society during the pandemic. He realized that along with his recovery, other things had to be done. Finally, in mid-2021, the decision to shut down Eaton Media Group forever was made. It was time to put the past in the past, and with his new lease on life, it was time to look boldly into the future. It was time to think about what one man could do or, after looking at his family, his family could do as a unit.

FrostTek Productions, or as it’s known, Frost Technologies Intelligence Group, was a fictitious company owned and operated by co-founder Joshua Eaton’s nome de plume of Harold Frost. After a consultation with his wife, co-founder Aiwen Jiang, They decided to bring the fictitious company name into reality but change it to something more unique and less, like something from his Sci-Fi story.

This is the story of us. This is the story of FrostTek Productions, a story of who we are and what we plan to do. So don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and follow all of our social media accounts across all of our digital properties to join in this momentous effort of creating something genuinely different.

Joshua Eaton & Aiwen Jiang
Co-Founders of FrostTek Productions

Joshua Eaton – Managing Partner of FrostTek Productions & Editor-in-Chief of TLDR Press. He is also the Host of Mr. Reality Check and the primary content creator for Canadian Yeti

Aiwen Jiang – Senior Partner of FrostTek Productions & Owner of Aiwen’s Art & NFTs. She is also a student at Acadia University, studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration.