Aside from our traditional fundraising and support methods, we have also decided to support donations & support via Cryptocurrency. There are many different coins on the market, some good, some not so good. We have chosen a basket of currencies that will mitigate risk/reward.

As with all other support/donations, please let us know if you want the funding placed into general support for all of the FrostTek digital properties or if you want it segregated into a specific fund only to support the digital property of your choice.

Bitcoin – 38AZoVrPez3kTw1kuA6puZLeE5bqnaqpNs
Ethereum – 0x2C8C2d18504B8Edc51eBBa2eeF7Eb10636d9ceEb
Doge – DPaoJpufCJ8SsQWUgHoRcy7yq2c9hRhwZe
Shiba Inu – 0x2C8C2d18504B8Edc51eBBa2eeF7Eb10636d9ceEb

We will evaluate more coins over the coming months and add support for them here. If you wish to donate a currency not on this page, send us an email to see if our wallet provider supports it.