Traditional media companies have always had an inherent bias. When independent media arrived on the scene, it was supposed to be something to sidestep those inherent biases of traditional media companies. Still, they are guilty of doing the same thing. When social media arrived on the scene, it changed the way we consume information altogether.

Websites like Facebook and Twitter have quintessentially replaced the traditional public square twitch everyone was allowed to have a voice. They have special protections under the law that enable them to act both as publisher and platform. This has caused a unique situation where they have all the power, and we have very little. They act as a platform with zero liability Because they cannot be held legally responsible for the content uploaded to their platforms. On the other side, they also act as a publisher because since they are a private platform, they can censor and outright ban people from using their platforms for pretty much any reason they see fit with no legal consequences whatsoever. After all, Twitter and Facebook both banned a sitting U.S. President from their platforms because, unfortunately, they’re ideologically opposed to that sitting president.

We need alternative technology, We need something that operates outside the mainstream, but it has to be different than independent media. It has to be formulated to foster the correct type of environment to build culture and provide a space in which people can communicate with each other and information is not removed because somebody doesn’t like the diversity of opinion.

People scream about diversity, but the one type in the most important type of diversity that they don’t want to have to deal with is diversity of thought because if people have differences of opinion, that means people want to talk about things. Talking about things is terrible because if we talk about things and share ideas, then they lose control.

Our AltTech platforms are divided into three different major projects. Please click on the left-hand side of the page for more details on each project. A summary of each project will be provided below

New Social Media – The most megalithic of all of our AltTech projects. The general concept is to create a natural alternative to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This project is so ambitious that it aims to create a new social media platform and create its own internal trading economy, its own cryptocurrency, and potentially its own educational institutions. A space on individual property rights of your digital profile and setting up a legal framework that will prevent us or any future operators from removing you over ideological differences.

TLDR Press – Journalism is no longer about collecting and objectively disseminating information so the public can make a well-informed decision. A once noble profession, journalism has been subjugated by activists and ideologues more concerned with opinion & subjectivity than objectively reporting the facts.

To Long Didn’t Read Press (tl;dr Press) is a news Non-Partisan News Agency founded by Joshua Eaton of Wolfville, Nova Scotia