The most megalithic of all of our alternative technology projects is creating a new social media platform. An alternative to large social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. This project is so ambitious that it aims to create a social media platform that can compete with the giants’ platform that will completely change how we view social media.

This project aims to create a digital space covered by personal property rights that would bestow upon the owner of the account complete ownership of their digital profile. It would segregate your communications into communications that are both public and private. The policy’s governing this site will be based on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and fundamental laws instead of corporate policies.

We hope to establish more than just an alternative social media website. We are working diligently to create a separate economy and something that can function both on the social media platform itself and branch out into the real world. To put all of this in place, we have also considered developing our cryptocurrency and supporting education by creating or at least enabling educational institutions to integrate into this platform.

Unfortunately, due to the secrecy around the development of this project, we are following a strict non-disclosure policy of any further details. If you wish to follow up on what we’re doing in more detail, you can find our Kickstarter page. As support grows, we will be releasing more detailed information to our supporters.

Due to the cost of the necessary dedicated server equipment and multiple licensing agreements and security framework, we estimate the direct launch cost at $25,000. This amount does not leave anything for profit or even to pay for extra expenses.