Objective media is something surprisingly missing in today’s society. There is not one project under this category. This multi-phase project will create different media organizations to serve purposes like objective reporting over subjective reporting and fact-checking and frame checking of mainstream media and independent media organizations.

Part of the leading project will be to create policies that aim to foster better journalism and high journalistic standards in the province of Nova Scotia as well as the rest of Canada. We hope to create an independent media organization that will eventually rival the current mainstream media and independent media organizations.

TLDR Press (tl;dr Press) has filled the void where we had been looking to place our objective media. It started off as a project to report on the actions of the Nova Scotia Government & public officials and then after many conversations, it transformed into something much bigger.

During development, TLDR Press will focus on Nova Scotia with plans to expand to the rest of the Maritimes & Atlantic once the bulk of the seed funding is complete. Once the publication(s) become commonplace in Atlantic Canada, we hope to start expanding across the rest of Canada.

Unnamed fact-checking group – Coming Soon