To Long Didn’t Read Press (tl;dr Press) is a news Non-Partisan News Agency founded by Joshua Eaton of Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Journalism is no longer about collecting and objectively disseminating information so the public can make a well-informed decision. A once noble profession, journalism has been subjugated by activists and ideologues more concerned with opinion & subjectivity than objectively reporting the facts.

Objective and fact-based reporting are replaced by subjective views of “content creators” masquerading as journalists and presenting “their version” or interpretation as truth that mustn’t be questioned.

To question the media (corporate or independent) regardless of whether they have a right or left-leaning bias is akin to being branded a modern-day heretic. It’s time for things to change; it’s time to break the echo chamber where these journalists reside.

We will be that change; we are the alternative media.

We are looking for any support you can offer, including people willing to join our team. If you want to enquire about TLDR Press, please reach out using our secure ProtonMail account.

What we need to get done:

Secure Communications (email & messaging) – Complete + Upgraded

Secure Communications (phone & files) – Complete

Create Social Media Properties – Complete

Draft Operational Policies – Complete

Research CMS & Server Requirements – Complete

Launch Crowdsourced Funding – Final Draft

Launch domain – Complete

Launch Website – 90% Complete + Server upgraded

Acquire Primary Hardware – Underway (Pending Funding)

Draft Legal Documents – Not Yet Started

Acquire Hardware for Partners – Pending funding

Finalize Operating Policies – 75%

Finalize Legal Documents – Complete

Feel free to check out our site for TLDR Press over at

A number of plugins have been changed and upgraded over the past few months (June 16th, 2022) to enable better responses on the website. The server was also upgraded to its maximum without moving to a dedicated platform.