Digital properties operate similarly to virtual assets, or in some cases, a brand of a traditional company. The significant difference is, different company divisions would handle other brands. Since we are only a small company, it’s easier to take these various brand labels we want to use. Instead of creating an entirely separate division, we have created a virtualized asset that we call a digital property. These properties do not exist in the real world because, again, they are virtual.

Managing multiple brands having a wide variety of assets to operate can be pretty tricky. We have developed a framework that enables us to vertically integrate everything all under one banner, which minimizes the infrastructure we need while at the same time allowing us the utmost flexibility.

This section will have a brief overview of each of our digital properties, and if you wish to know more about the individual properties, please click the menu on the left side of your page to select the property you want to know more about. Some properties have a dedicated web presence to which you can visit for more detailed information.

Canadian Yeti – Provides primarily gaming-related content and commentary. Content is delivered across multiple social media accounts. Content is also offered via video on demand using YouTube as well as live streaming available on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook gaming.

Yang WaWa – A creative outlet for the daughter of the Co-founders. She aims to provide fun and enjoyable arts & crafts-related content, play games and make short videos with her brother, mommy and daddy. You can also look forward to book readings and discussions about the books that she is creating herself.

OnlyEggs – An agricultural-related family farming project is featuring a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week live stream of chickens in the chicken coop. You can find anything from chickens laying eggs to recipes to use for cooking eggs or chickens and other agricultural-related educational programming.

Mr. Reality Check – An intellectual dark web podcast that is currently under review pending a possible rebrand.

TLDR: NSGov Review – a new project with details that are still quite vague. This is a concept of a media organization, more like an alliance of citizens to keep track of and disseminate information from the provincial government to make sure everyone in Nova Scotia can understand what the province is doing and what they’re saying.