Originally branded as “Great Canadian Yeti” and geared towards Gaming/Anime content, we’ve rebooted the series as Canadian Yeti with a primary focus on building a gaming brand for streaming on Twitch, supplemented with pre-recorded videos on YouTube.

Some Anime related content will be available on Kids Corner with Yang WaWa, which other Anime content will be available on an upcoming TV/Movie review channel.

Canadian Yeti will be streaming on Twitch at the breathtaking rate of 6 times per week, ranging from 1.5 hours up to 2 hours or possibly more depending on demand. All Twitch streams will be uploaded to YouTube the following day.

Canadian Yeti will also be producing several series covering a complete play-through of many of the most popular gaming titles for PC and consoles (Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo).

NES Quest is the launch series covering all 659 games of the original Nintendo Entertainment System and will be followed by SNES Quest that will cover all 720 games from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Each episode will last for 15-20 minutes and will feature Canadian Yeti offering commentary on each game (1-3 per episode) and will then be followed by around 5 minutes of gameplay.

NES Quest represents nearly 59 hours of gameplay and up to 219.6 hours of watch time. SNES Quest will follow the same format but could reach 60.5 or more of gameplay and up to a possible 241.5 hours of watch time.

Joining Canadian Yeti on this EPIC quest will be several quests, so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel to avoid missing an episode.

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Canadian Yeti is also a partner with Humble, which offers their legendary HumbleBundle of now only games but software, books at much more at fastly discounted rates. A portion of each sale (your choice) is donated to charity. So not only can you support Canadian Yeti but you can also get some great games and vastly discounted prices but you also support Child’s Play.