We live in a world where censorship and information control have become so excessive that it has created a fundamental disconnect from reality. A disconnect that is so severe that we can quite literally watch an event unfold in real-time in front of our eyes, and yet depending on the political affiliation, personal bias or even prejudice around the event, the details and commentary that we can expect can be wildly different than what actually happened.

This fundamental disconnect from reality has caused such a deep division in our society that it is nearly impossible to communicate with people or have an intellectual discussion about almost any subject because everyone has been polarized into a tribalistic mentality. If somebody says something that goes against what you believe, they must be the enemy.

There are subjects that either the government or private industries have said we cannot discuss. Events unfold in the world around us that we can’t discuss because the authorities don’t want us to. The fact that we have a conversation and discuss events is dangerous. If we are permitted to talk about them, we are only allowed to have an opinion that fits into a very narrow window.

I have had enough; I will not be silenced any longer. I will not bite my tongue, so somebody doesn’t get offended. My right to speak, think, and express my difference of opinion will not be repressed by someone else’s privilege to be offended. I will not allow your intolerance and bigotry towards diversity of thought to shut me down. I will not apologize, and I will never bend a knee for the mob.

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