To Long Didn’t Read Press (tl;dr Press), formally TLDR NSGov Review is a digital production created by Nova Scotians for Nova Scotians so that they can keep an eye on our Government and what our elected officials are doing/saying, along with providing a non-partisan critical analysis.

This project is still under development. We are looking for any support you can offer, including people willing to join our team. If you want to enquire about TLDR Press, please reach out using our secure ProtonMail account.

[email protected]

What we need to get done:

Secure Communications – Complete (Secure email and messaging)

Create Social Media Properties – Underway (90% Complete)

Draft Operational Policies – Underway

Research CMS & Server Requirements – Testing

Launch Crowdsourced Funding – Drafting

Launch domain – Complete

Acquire Primary Hardware – Pending Funding

Draft Legal Documents – Not Yet Started

Acquire Hardware for Partners – Pending funding

Finalize Operating Policies – Drafting

Finalize Legal Documents – Not Yet Started

Feel free to check out our site for TLDR Press over at