When one little girl has a dream, her daddy does the best he can to make sure her dream comes true. Kinds Corner was created by Yang WaWa (Geneva) as a place for her to share her art & other creative works with the world.

Geneva has spent months working on her first book. It’s with an artist for illustration and is also working on a 2nd installment in the series.

Kids Corner will feature content created for kids only. You can expect to see different arts & crafts activities hosted by Geneva. She also plans to upload some of her gameplay footage from her awe-inspiring career on Fortnite.

Other plans for Kids Corner will include a weekly Daddy & Daughter duo presenting their commentary about the cartoons (Anime) they watched in the preceding week. A toy segment is also in the works.

Feel free to follow Yang WaWa (Geneva) on her Facebook & YouTube

Want to help Geneva achieve her goals? While Mommy and Daddy fully support 99% of what she creates, Geneva intends to do more. She wants to donate a portion of any income she gets to different charities.

She has yet to pick out which charities she wants to support, but she plans to donate 50% of her income generated from YouTube, book & art sales.

I’m lucky to have such a good family. I have given away my old toys and clothes. If I can earn some money, I will buy more supplies to make more art and videos. I have to have fun; I want others to have fun; I want to share my happiness. ~ Yang WaWa (Geneva).”

Geneva is open to accepting donations of toys, art supplies for use on her channel, or she asks that you donate to a local kids group.

To offer support, please feel free to visit our Support page. To view any of the projects Geneva is working on that are running crowdfunding campaigns, visit our Crowdfunding page.