We have several projects which need direct funding. On this page, you will find the necessary links to both business and charity-related projects that we are crowdfunding for. As always, if you can’t support these projects with a monetary donation, we have other options available. Please check the related page for more details on the different types of support needed.

Gaspereau Valley Elementary School – Playground Equipment

When the province of Nova Scotia started the pre-primary program, it was a great help for parents with kids not yet old enough to attend elementary school. Saving parents a huge amount of money on child care was something we all enjoyed but it came with a drastic downside.

Playground equipment from schools all around the province had to be removed over safety concerns due to the preexisting equipment only being approved for children 5 years and older. With children 4 years old now attending school, it was a liability issue for the schools and the equipment had to be removed.

The provincial government has done nothing to replace the equipment and now the children have nothing to play on. Let’s help get these kids something they can make sure us and rebuild their playground.

TLDR Press

This is phase one of our alternative technology project called objective media. Please refer to the link for objective media on the left-hand side of the page for more details on the other phases of this megalithic project.

To accomplish our goals, we’re going to need funding, and we’re going to need Nova Scotians like yourself to help contribute to building this project. This project will be very detailed and is a massive effort on our behalf to create something unique that has not been seen before in this province, traditional or independent media.

Check the digital property page for what’s going on for minor updates until or server is online. Make sure you click and read through all of the different material we have posted to our Kickstarter to help you better understand what’s going on.

If you would like to contribute to the development of this project and join the team, send us an email at info@tldr.press.