TLDR Press (tl;dr Press) went live for the first time yesterday across multiple platforms. We did encounter some issues with the broadcast, but at the same time, it was a significant achievement. It’s one thing to broadcast to a single platform in one resolution like 1080P; It’s another to be able to broadcast to multiple platforms at 1080P. Traditionally, when broadcasting to numerous platforms, the signal (quality) gets downgraded from 1080P to 720P, which many people find unacceptable. We can now broadcast to up to seven different platforms with our current license, thanks to a new broadcasting and streaming system that we’ve discovered. Depending on how well things go, we can expand that up to 10 platforms and potentially even 15 simultaneous streams.

It’s not an easy task to launch a new platform and indeed in the early days, there were many disagreements amongst members of the team on what type of name we should assign this new project. Originally we were going to call it the Nova Scotia Government Review. Its sole purpose was to report on what Nova Scotia Government officials and agencies were saying so that the people of Nova Scotia would understand what’s going on or at least not what’s actually going on instead of what the corporate media tell them.

It was a matter of sitting down one evening and looking at a bunch of news stories and hearing one person complain about how there was just too much information coming in, so he said, “what’s the tldr?”

At that moment, after realizing that so many people find news articles and stories simply too long to read, we had to come up with something different, and that’s where the name was officially changed to TLDR Press or as stylized tl;dr Press.

After a few hours of looking at different styles of logos, we were able to come up with something simple yet elegant that stands out from all of the rest. If you look back to the top of the page, you can see the brand’s official logo. As seen in the image below, we also have a very simple header image used in streaming when there’s nothing to be displayed on the screen. These images are designed to be clean and straightforward.

Once we had a name picked out, we had to start creating all of the social media accounts and all the accounts across the different broadcasting platforms. We do not have addresses for many of the accounts yet, but we will gladly provide them once they are officially released. Since yesterday was the first official live stream that we will be converting to a podcast, it will take the next 10 to 14 days for the podcast episodes to be distributed across all nine platforms that we are hoping to be listed. Therefore, we should update those addresses towards the end of January.

If you want to follow, like or subscribe, check out the links below to our different social media channels and broadcasting platforms.






After setting up the social media accounts and broadcasting channels, we completely forgot about our domain name and that’s very important. It was hard to find a name because TLDR is a concise phrase, and it’s on the top of many people’s lists. We wanted something unique and something that people would be able to remember. We know that everybody is used to your standard .COM or we prefer to use .CA, so we had a look at the different extensions that you can now purchase and decided to go with something new but also highly premium.

After pouring through quite literally hundreds of different domain extensions, we finally settled on one that we think everyone will love. We are pleased to announce our official domain name for TLDR press will be

We purchased the domain name and have migrated the DNS information to our current server. We are currently using a placeholder to look for an appropriate content management system. We hope to have the website up and running by the end of this week, at least in a basic form. Once we get better analytics on the performance of TLDR Press, we will be moving it to its own server, so it doesn’t interfere with the operations of the frost tech mainframe.